What People are doing to lose their weight in USA due to high obesity?

Obesity is simply known to a problem of overweight. It is the state of gaining a lot of weight or in other words being grossly or extremely overweight. Obesity is known to be the root cause of many diseases. A lot of Americans are obese and very few of them are working on this obesity problem. Food is not the major cause of obesity among the Americans. Low income and lack of exercise are considered be the main cause of obesity among people. People there don’t earn much and therefore very few people afford fresh food. Others go with the packaged foods or fast food and this causes obesity. Stress and sleep deprivation are some other causes of obesity too. People there don’t get proper sleep and tale stress which also result in obesity. Adoption of these unhealthy behaviors has caused America to be known for highest obesity level around the world.
To overcome this problem the American government has started different campaigns in the past like Phenq-avis.com/en/. It has introduced some laws to make healthier choices. The government has started competing in schools and college and has worked a lot on public awareness regarding obesity. They have clearly ade people known of the hazrads that obesity can cause. Let’s Move campaign started by Michelle Obama in partnership with U.S. Department of Health and Human Services brought about great reform in the health standards of the lunches at school. This resulted in more awareness among students about the healthy food and the school management took some important steps to increase their food quality and standards for the students.
Health care reform is another attempt by the government to create awareness and eradicate obesity. Health experts have created a lot of awareness among people and have instructed them to drop high-calorie foods and sodas. They have advocated the public to eat healthily and be more active during the day. They also have tried in reducing the stress levels of people and have tried to create awareness about improper sleep behaviors and its adverse effects. The American government has been working a lot in order to decrease obesity among the masses and to give people healthier lives.

Reasons and cure of Obesity in women Causes of obesity in women:

Obesity is a problem that can lead to many serious diseases like breathing disorders, diabetes, depression, stress, heart and liver diseases etc. Obesity occurs due to high intake of calories and fats. In women, obesity can be caused due to many reasons. Deprivation of sleep, stress, less activity, and high-calorie food consumption are the evidence of all. Not only these but certain medical issues can also cause obesity. Low metabolic rates and some genetic factors can also cause obesity in women. These genetic factors may cause some low metabolic rates in the functioning of the body and that causes more weight gain which leads to obesity. Some medical issues such as some eating syndromes may also lead to obesity in women. These medical problems may include diseases like the BED (Binge Eating Disorder)and Cushing’s disease etc.
Women likely eat more junk food than men and that is one of the very important reasons for obesity in women. Women eat packaged and junk food which has greater amounts of calories and fat and this causes obesity. Some medications can also result in abnormal weight gain and this too causes obesity. Use of these medicines results in a lot of weight gain among women. These medicines alter the functioning of your brain and body and result in low metabolic rates and weight gain.

The cure for obesity in women:

Exercise and active routine can help greatly in curing obesity or even preventing it. You must take at least a forty minutes walk daily in order to keep have high metabolic rates. In order to cure obesity, a proper and healthy diet plan must be followed with proper physical exercises. These both compliment each other. Diet without ec=xercise is of no use at all. The only way to cure or prevent obesity is the intake of healthy and balanced diet along with some proper physical activities. Further, proper sleeping habits and less stressing environment can cure obesity. Sleep deprivation and extra sleep both can cause obesity so a proper eight hours sleep must be scheduled in order to prevent or cure obesity. Fewer stress levels can easily help in curing obesity in women.

Some medication s can also help in weight loss and cure obesity. But these medicines do not have lifelong effects. They don’t do wonders. Obesity can only be controlled by proper diet plans and physical exercises. For this women must avoid eating junk foods and add more healthy low-calorie diets. Fruits and low carb vegetables including Phenq-avis.com/en/ must be added to the meals. Proper meals at the proper time must be consumed.

Obesity is more obvious in women than in men. This is due to lesser activities and improper diets of women. Obesity is the root cause of many serious diseases and so proper preventive measures shall be taken. Women must be more conscious and try to follow all the instructions given above.

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