Is It Possible For Alkaline Water To Treat Cancer?

First of all, the term ”alkaline” refers to the water’s pH level. The water’s pH level is measured from 0 to 14. That being said, pretty much the only difference between alkaline water and your typical tap water lies in their respective pH levels. Generally speaking, regular tap water has a pH level of 7.5, while alkaline water has a pH level of either 8 or 9. The lower the number, the more acidic the water is, and the higher the number, the more alkaline the water is. So, in other words, if water has a pH level of 14, then it means that it is extremely alkaline, and if water has a pH level of 1, then it means that it is extremely acidic.

One study from 2013 shows that water that has a low pH tends to have more toxic effects than water that has a high pH. Back in the day, people thought that consuming acidic drinks may actually increase your risk of developing cancer. People also thought that an acidic diet actually allows the cancer cells to spread throughout the entire body. And now, here are some things that you need to know about alkaline water and its ability to actually treat or cure cancer!

Can It Really Treat Cancer?

When you think about it, alkaline water can be a very useful tool when it comes to fighting against cancer. This type of water is said to help counteract the acid that is found in your bloodstream, and that is always a good thing. That being said, drinking alkaline water may actually help increase your metabolism, and it may also improve your body’s ability to absorb vital nutrients.

Due to the fact that cancer cells thrive in acidic environments, there are some people out there who believe that drinking alkaline water may eliminate any cancer cells found in your body. With this in mind, by consuming alkaline water, you balance your body’s pH levels, and as a result, you are able to significantly slow down or even completely stop cancer growth. Aside from protecting you from cancer, alkaline water may also have a hydrating effect on your body.

For some people, drinking alkaline water might actually improve symptoms related to stomach acid reflux. However, if your body is functioning the way a healthy organism should be functioning, it is pretty much safe to say that drinking alkaline water will not cause any significant changes to your body. So, what does the research say about all of this?

What Does the Research Say?

At this very moment, there isn’t any scientific evidence that could support the idea that drinking alkaline water can help treat or prevent cancer. Simply put, it is almost impossible to significantly change your body’s pH levels by eating or drinking certain foods or liquids. What this means is that under normal circumstances, a human body will automatically balance its pH levels, and you don’t even have to do anything to make that happen. It’s just a natural thing that a healthy human body does on a regular basis!

You see, a human body has multiple, complex and interrelated mechanisms involved in keeping its pH levels exactly where they should be. Generally speaking, there is very little research about the way drinking alkaline water affects a human body. So, is it possible for alkaline water to treat cancer or not? While the answer to this question is not as straight forward as some people may think, chances are that alkaline water is actually not that good of a cure for cancer.

After all, everything you eat and drink goes straight through your stomach, which means that it all comes out in the end. This is also the case with alkaline water. Thanks to your intestines, everything you eat and drink ends up at the same pH level, and that applies to alkaline water as well. You see, a human body is an efficient machine that is designed to maintain a safe pH level of 7.4. So, can alkaline water be used as a cure for cancer? There is no research that could confirm this theory.

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