The Best Pegboard Hooks [Top 5 Picks]

You know how crucial a pegboard is at home as it can be installed just anywhere — kitchen, garage, study room, and even garden shed. This is because it is useful in organizing different objects in one board. Plus, it is space-saving since you can attach it to the wall.

However, this cannot function if it doesn’t have any hooks in it. That is why you still need to buy them. Since there are wide selections, you may find it challenging to choose the one that may be good for you. With this guide, we will introduce you to the best pegboard hooks in the market.

Pegboard Hooks Table

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The Best Pegboard Hooks [Top 5 Picks] 1The Best Pegboard Hooks [Top 5 Picks] 2

TextMadd Tools Pegboard Accessories Organizer Kit 60pcs

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The Best Pegboard Hooks [Top 5 Picks] 3The Best Pegboard Hooks [Top 5 Picks] 4

Oyeye Pegboard Hooks Assortment 54pcs.

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The Best Pegboard Hooks [Top 5 Picks] 5The Best Pegboard Hooks [Top 5 Picks] 6

Right Arrange Pegboard Bins 12pcs

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The Best Pegboard Hooks [Top 5 Picks] 7The Best Pegboard Hooks [Top 5 Picks] 8

Neiko 53100A Pegboard Hooks and Organizer 50pcs

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The Best Pegboard Hooks [Top 5 Picks] 9The Best Pegboard Hooks [Top 5 Picks] 10

Loaskey J-shaped Pegboard Hooks 100pcs

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Things to Look for Before Buying a Heavy Duty Pegboard Hooks

Before you should opt for a hook, you need to consider the following factors to ensure that you get only the best.

  • Size of the Board and Its Holes

You just can’t buy any hook. That is why you should make sure that it suits the board and its holes. Otherwise, the hook will be rendered useless if it does not fit, in the first place.

Consider the height and width of the board as well as your workspace because some hooks may be bulkier compared to the other.

  • Hook Inclusions

Sometimes, it is not necessary to buy a kit that contains the most number of hooks. You may just be needing a few hooks depending on the capacity of your pegboard, which is usually determined by the number of holes therein. The spacing and the size of the pegboard also matters to know how many hooks you may need.

  • Quality

This consideration is very important because it can determine whether or not it is durable enough to hold different objects. Usually, this is ascertained by the type of material the hook is made of. Some hooks are made of metal, while others are made of plastic.

A thicker one may be required if you will use it for heavy-duty tools, while a slimmer hook may suffice if it is just for the purpose of carrying ultra-weight objects. This means that the best hooks for pegboard may be depending upon your preference and need.

  • Design or Shape

Hooks may come with different designs and shapes. A J-shaped hook may be ideal to ensure that the object is secured in the pegboard. But not all objects may fit in this kind of shape.

That is why some hooks are L shaped, which is versatile enough to suit any tools and equipment. Also, you’ll find hooks that include locks to secure the objects from falling.

5 Best Pegboard Hooks Review

Now that you already know what to consider before choosing a hook, it is time for you to check on some of the brands available. We will know the features of each product in detail.

1. Madd Tools Pegboard Accessories Organizer Kit 60pcs.

The Best Pegboard Hooks [Top 5 Picks] 11Pegboard Accessories Organizer Kit


Unlike other pegboard accessories that feels flimsy and cheap, this kit is comprised of items that are of great quality.

With 60 pieces of tools and accessories, everything that you need is already sold in one kit. Each item is created to be extra-thick to ensure that it can withstand heavy-duty works.

When you compare it to normal pegboard hooks, this kit offers you 3 times thicker hooks that will prevent them from falling off your pegboard.

Weighing only about 5 pounds given its thickness diameter of 0.21 inch and attachment of only ¼ inch, this can fit the hole of the pegboard without worrying about its durability and holding capacity. This also comes with a basket where you can securely and safely keep your tools.

Not to mention, it can sit well on any pegboard, so it is very useful. Furthermore, it can carry heavy objects — sledgehammers, shovels, sanding machines, and electric drilling — just name it, the hooks can handle them. Anyway, spacers are added so the board can offer greater stability.


  • For heavy-duty materials
  • Greater storage capacity
  • Can hang baskets straight
  • Hooks don’t fall out easily
  • Thicker and stronger construction


  • Quality-control issues such as not uniform tangs or posts

2. Oyeye Pegboard Hooks Assortment 54pcs.

The Best Pegboard Hooks [Top 5 Picks] 12Pegboard Hooks Assortment


If you are looking for something that can help you organize various equipment and tools in order, this kit may be a good idea.

Well, using this can make you store paintbrushes, tools, athletic equipment, and extension cords, just to name a few. Being made of high-quality iron means that it is durable enough to carry heavy objects.

It has undergone an electroplating process so it will not corrode or rust easily. And this can help you to do your work better.

The hooks can be applied to ¼ inch and 1/8 inch pegboard. With 54 pieces of accessories and 20 pieces of peg locks, this gives you the best value for money. You can rest assured that the hook will fit on the board using the black peg locks. All you have to do is to clip them (peg hook and lock) into the holes.

With the varying type of peg hooks, you can use this for a wide range of purposes such as a workbench, garage, kitchen basement, workshop, school, shop, factory, tool shed, and warehouse.


  • Made of good quality materials
  • Durable and attractive
  • Adjustable
  • Affordability
  • Comes with a lock to ensure stability


  • Not thicker compared to other brands

3. Right Arrange Pegboard Bins 12pcs.

The Best Pegboard Hooks [Top 5 Picks] 13Arrange Pegboard Bins


If you are looking for an affordable bin that can fit any pegboard at the same time provides strong hold and organize better, this product may be good for you.

Whether or not you have a metal pegboard, it is not an issue because this set of bins can suit any pegboard. So that means that you can use this with Triton, Fits Wall Control, and similar products.

Not to mention, it is suitable to any standard pegboard sizes such as those with hole diameters of /8, 3/16, and 1/4 inches as well as those with thickness of ¼ inch and less. Since the attachments are made of metal hooks, the bins can be held strongly therein. Unlike typical plastic bins, these are not at risk of breaking or snapping.

So even if you use it every day or during installation, you won’t worry that much because, in the first place, these are made to be sturdy and last a lifetime. Furthermore, bins can allow you to organize things better. You can place various objects like small tools, washers, screws, hardware, small parts, and tape measure.


  • Ideal for any kind of pegboard
  • Heavy-duty stronghold
  • Offers better organization
  • Affordable
  • Can hold small parts


  • May not fit object, not within the size of the bin

4. Neiko 53100A Pegboard Hooks and Organizer 50pcs.

The Best Pegboard Hooks [Top 5 Picks] 14Neiko 53100A Pegboard Hooks


Do you ever dream of a stunning workspace but don’t know how to do it? Well, you may be needing different pegboard hooks appropriate for garage and home organization. Perhaps, this 50 pieces assortment is perfect for you!

You don’t need to look further, as this can fit different pegboards. It comes with universal design, but it is good for ¼ inch pegboards with a spacing of 1 inch. The ends are angled so it can provide a stronghold when inserted into the hole. Plus, you can put a zip tie at each end to ensure an optimum hold.

Since this set comes with 50 pieces, you can save money as well as time. You don’t need to look for sizes in different stores. The inclusions provide greater versatility allowing you to employ them in various spaces, including your kitchen, garage, and office.

Being made of durable steel and a nickel finish makes each pegboard hooks durable and rust-free. Overall, you can organize the lightest to heaviest tools without facing any issues.


  • Ideal for different pegboards
  • Helps you save money and time
  • Made of heavy-duty material
  • Includes 50 pieces of hooks
  • For multi-purpose usage


  • Size range is somewhat limited

5. Loaskey J-shaped Pegboard Hooks 100pcs.

The Best Pegboard Hooks [Top 5 Picks] 15Loaskey J-shaped Pegboard Hooks


If you want quantity at the least cost, this set can give you 100 J-shaped hooks at an affordable price.

It is one of the easiest kinds of hooks that you can find in the market. Although it has the same function as others such as the one with L shape, this has a technical advantage. Since it has no split barbs, you don’t have to worry about the holes in your pegboard. It comes with a smooth tip, so your pegboard is protected.

Each can fit any standard sizes of pegboard. With the numerous pieces of black hooks, you can store many objects as you want. It weighs only 8.8 ounces, so it won’t add more weight to your pegboard compromising the weight it can hold. Well, the hook is made with high-quality materials for durable use.

You may be in doubt because it is made of plastic. But, as mentioned, this is very sturdy. Much more, all of the items can be easily installed on the board, so you don’t need a professional to do so. The design makes it safe for your children. In case they bump into it, they will not easily get hurt due to its shape.


  • J-shaped hook
  • Easy installation
  • Portable
  • Includes 100pcs.
  • Safe for children


  • Limited design choice

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you keep Pegboard hooks from falling off?

You should make sure that it is clipped well in your pegboard. Some products provide locks so that hooks won’t fall off easily.

  1. How much space is needed behind Pegboard?

It depends.

In general, you need space of around ½ inch behind to ensure that the hooks can be installed. Otherwise, you may need to add a screw-in standoff or build a frame to make a space that can be burdensome, time-consuming, and more costly.

  1. How much weight can a pegboard hold?

Again, this depends on the capacity of the pegboard. However, a standard size pegboard is capable of holding about 100 pounds provided that it is properly installed in your workspace.

  1. What are pegboard spacers?

Pegboard spacers are added to ensure that there is enough space for the hook to be attached behind the pegboard. In short, these accessories provide clearance for hooks.

  1. What can I use for pegboard spacers?

Pegboard spacers can be found in hardware stores, lumber yards, and home centers. So, depending on the availability in your area, you can use any spacer applicable for pegboards.

  1. What is the furring strip used for?

This is intended to raise or level the surface of other objects to avoid dampness. It is also used for resurfacing and leveling walls or ceilings as well as for giving space for insulation purposes.

Final Words

Hopefully, after you have read all the pages, you already narrowed down your choices. So if you want to make your pegboard worth it, make sure that you also get quality and quantity hooks. Remember that you only deserve to have the best pegboard hooks in the market!

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