Best lawn mower under $ 500

Mowing the lawn once a week is important for the healthy growth of the grass,shurbs and other herbs. But the cutting height should be cautiously adjusted. This helps to boosts the lawn’s health. Water and both micro-macro nutrients are absorbed properly. This increases the density of the grass and improves the health of the root system. Using the best lawn mower under $ 500 is the most effective, energy and time-saving way to mow the lawn.

The lawnmower is a useful device for cutting and trimming lawn grass. This eventually limits the growth of the weeds. The sharp revolving blades of the mower rotated at a definite speed and cut all the left blades evenly.  There are different types of lawnmower like cylinder mower, rotatory mower, hover, etc. while cylinder lawn mower works well in the plain lands, hover works the best in uneven land. A gardener can push the mower from behind or simply ride on the lawnmower. There are many lawn mowers for 5 acres.

The common question we often face is that why we should have a lawnmower when we can pull grass with hand. Well! Mowing is not about pulling grass from the lawn. It is just cutting and trimming the grass in length so that it can grow in density and height strongly. And after a long day mowing the lawn, you will not have the energy to collect the grass and clean the lawn. But if you have a lawnmower, grasses are collected in a collecting bag which makes the cleaning task faster.

Budget always limits your desire. You might not always get all the smart features in the gadget within your limited budget. Do not get disheartened! There are many other options in your budget in the market. We sorted out the top 5 lawnmowers under $ 500. We focused on calm motor activity, long battery life, foldable handle, firm grip, sturdy infrastructural frame, and easy activation. Oh! Do not forget about the blade speed.

Best lawn mower review-2021

Mellcom Gas lawnmower

Mellcom lawn mower is a gas-powered lawnmower. It has to be operated by the gardener manually. The 173CC OHV gas engine exerts a maximum power of 2.8 kW. So, the huge energy generated by the energy rotates a 21 inches cutting deck at a speed of 2700rpm. This can pass through all the rough stems and busy leaves in the garden. The deck is made of steel. Top-notch industrial-grade steel is used as the construction material. So, it does not wear off easily.

For grass clipping from the side, there are side discharge and mulching modes in the mower. It spreads the clipped grass at one side and ensures proper nutrition of the lawn. A great advantage of this model is its 8 adjustable height. Grasses can be cut at any height within 0.98-2.95 inches. This flexibility in cutting height helps to manage different types of grass on the lawn. The completely assembled product weighs only 77.2 lbs. 

After finishing the work, you can simply fold the lawnmower in five seconds and store it at any corner of the house. And guess what! You do not need any tool to fold the gadget. So, it is easy to keep everything organized way. Coming to its utility, its off-set trimmer head always reaches those corners in the lawn where it is hard to reach. The 1.97 inches thick wheel makes the tasking of pushing the mower easy.

Greenworks 40V 17-inch cordless lawn mower

Greenworks lawn mower serves multiple purposes like mulching and bagging at the same time. You can choose the model you want based on your purpose. Among all the features, its ample running time grabs the customers’ attention at first view. There is a 4 Ah-40V lithium battery in the whole package. This 40v battery power system provides the same efficiency as those gas-powered lawnmowers. It is the perfect choice for small yard projects.

The steel deck of the Greenworks lawn mower provides a wide cutting area of 17 inches. Though it is not so large, many mowers have a cutting area of more than 21 inches. But this will not disappoint you in terms of versatility and portability. The green color lawnmower fits well with the greenery of the lawn. Just a perfect scenario for an outdoor working day on the lawn.

Talking about the cutting height, the sharp blade of the mower rotates at high speed at offers a cutting height ranging from 1-1/4 inch to 3-3/8 inches. It leaves the growing plantlets aside and focuses more on the tall and rough grass. Its single lever five-position height adjustment system ensures easy maintenance while mowing. The overall product weighs about 40.89 pounds. So, it is lightweight and easy to carry. Moreover, being a cordless model adds to the portability. 

Pulsar products PPG1221 21″ cutting path gasoline lawnmower

Unlike the previous two lawnmowers, the pulsar lawn mower is a gas-powered lawnmower. This a push model mower. That means the user has to push from behind the mower. To make the pushing task easier, there are 7 inches front wheel and 10 inches rear wheel beneath the frame of the body. So, you can easily push it through the uneven lawn or plain lands. This model is available both in black and white color. The color of the mower does not wear off easily. So, your lawnmower will still retain its first look after multiple uses.

The pulsar lawnmower allows three different cutting patterns. Mulching, rear bag, and side discharge all are possible to be accomplished with this single gadget. The main fuel for this mower is gasoline. Complete combustion of gasoline offers more work efficiency. But the drawback of the gas model is that incomplete or partial combustion of the fuel material creates black smoke that results in air pollution. But it is still favored by many gardeners for its running time and work power.

At last, comes the grass-cutting ability of the mower. The wide and thick 21-inch steel deck can cut the grass within 21 inches of its diameter. This accelerates the work. So, you can also spend some quality time with your children and wife on the lawn and enjoy the sunset. Like another model, its 7 positions single lever adjustment system monitors the desired height and sets it according. 

Black+ DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Lawnmower

This model of a lawnmower from the Black+ Decker is the best budget pick according to the editor. It is a cordless lawn mower that runs on a battery. You can easily cut the growing and tall grass at a height ranging from 1-1/2 inches to 4 inches. The edema design made the impossible task possible. The corners of the garden which were impossible to reach previously can be reached without any effort. This also renders the facilities of trimming to ensure continuous and steady growth of the grasses.

We have already mentioned that this is a cordless model. But it runs on battery. There are two 40v lithium-ion batteries in the mower. The good news is that the battery comes with the set. So you do not need to spend more bucks on the batteries. The batteries can be fully charged in two hours. And it has twice the running time of other models. If you charge the battery in the morning, it can last till the evening. So, you can easily mow a small land using it for once.

Black+ Decker lawnmower features a cordless mower (model number- CM2043), a 40V MAX charger, and batteries. It can efficiently work for 2-3 years without giving any hard time. Without the aid of any tools, the cutting height can be adjusted from 1-1/2 inches to 4 inches. This also has three different cutting patterns- mulching, bagging, and side discharge. All the grass is collected in a sturdy grass collector simple words, it has made the task of mowing a piece of cake.

POWERWORKS XB 40V 21\” Brushless cordless push mower

At the dead-end of our list, we have a push mower from POWERWORKS. This is not a self-propelled mower. It is the best lawn mower for 5 acres. You can push the mower from the back and administer the cutting process. It is a 21 inches lawnmower. It is large enough to work in hilly areas also. So, some gardeners also termed it as the best lawn mower for hills. The cordless mower runs on a 40V 4Ah battery. The charger is also included with the model.

There are no issues related to the deck. The deck is made of steel. The steel used to make the deck is of premium quality. So it can withstand any bumps and scratches from the hard rocks or branches of the shrubs. This durable steel deck measures about 21 inches. That means this lawnmower offers a cutting width of 21 inches. This is quite impressive and finishes mowing fast than many other models in the market. The single-level seven-position height adjustment system is common like in other mowers. This system allows adjusting the cutting height between 1-3/8 inches to 3-3/4 inches.

Are you searching for the best mower for 5 acres? It is brushless quiet and vibrationless motor exhibits more torque. So, the blades rotate at a high speed. Such motor also increases the work-life of the gadget. For the convenience of the gardener, three types of grass-cutting finishing modes are installed in the mower- Mulching, bagging, and side discharge. This is nothing new for the lawnmowers. But this step has sure reduced the cost of buying grass trimmers and other lawn gadgets.

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