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Dealing with hot headers and steel pipes while you craft something on your own is a tricky task. Whether you are into a DIY project or just fixing your vehicle exhaust, a top-quality coating means convenience. It can absorb the heat and give your project a sleek look that you can only dream of.

Without the best header paint, this isn’t an easy task. With all those low-quality products you find in the market, it’s going to be a tough job to find one that works.

But no worries, we have got your back! We have reviewed the top header coats that you don’t want to miss!

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Things to Consider Before Buying

Well, before jumping into the reviews of our top selections, here are a few points you need to consider before deciding to go for one.

Look for Best Heat Resistance

Depending on what item you are planning to coat, you need to consider the heat resistance of it. Ideally, vehicle exhaust or header pipes produce quite a lot of heat, which calls for high heat resistant paints.

For vehicles, you better go for coats that resist heating up to 2000 degrees F. If vehicle-parts are not your concern, you can easily settle down with 1200 to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit resistant plating.

It Should Be Easy to Apply

If you are painting by yourself, that means you need an easy way to apply the coating. And if the application of it doesn’t seem quite easy, you are not going to have a good time with it.

Some of the available options in the market come in both liquid and spray bottle format. You can select whichever you feel pretty comfortable for you.

Moreover, make sure you can spray from any angle if you are going for a spray bottle.

Ensure Chip-Resistance

The problem with most low-quality products available on the market is that once dried, these paints start to chip away. You definitely don’t want your coating to break down like this.

Take your time to go through the reviews and instructions on the packaging to ensure it is chip-resistant.

Go for Rust-Resistance

After the coating, if your heat pipe or exhaust gets exposed to the environment, chances are there that rust may form around it. A great rust-resistant covering can prevent this utter frustration.

Make sure your paint is completely rust-proof. In addition, it is best if the coating withstands hot oil and gas spill.

Don’t Compromise with Quality

This is needless to say. You should definitely choose the one with the highest quality possible. As you are going to use the paint on some of the most valuable items of yours, you should never compromise with that.

Using cheap, low-quality items may give you a temporary satisfactory feeling, but it will cost you in the long run. So, if you are wondering what the best header paint is, you better find out the top-quality products, even if it costs a bit more.

5 Best Header Paint Reviews

We went through the high-quality header coats available right now. After scrutinizing a number of features, we have narrowed down 5 of the topmost performing paints for you.
Check these out yourself!

1. Design Engineering 010301

Black is beauty! That’s why our first choice had to be a dark color. Made in Design Engineering factory, the 010301 took us a little time for it to climb up the ladder.

You can use the paint on anything that heats up quickly. This list includes the exhaust headers, pipes, blocks of the engine, and many other places where you need to put a coating on.

This black covering is not going to fade away that easily. It can withstand a temperature of 1500 degrees max. Its superior coating can provide long-lasting protection to the surface, even if it is heating up quite frequently.

Its durable coating ensures that the exhaust header is safe from abrasions and hot oil spills. Also, it can protect the shaded area from road grime.

With all these protections in place, the 010301 extends the life of the exhaustion wrap multiple folds.
The HT silicone-covering takes around 2 hours and 400°F of temperature to cure.



  • Can protect the hot surface up to 1500°F
  • Enhances the lifespan of the exhaust wrap
  • Protects the exhaust from scratches and hot oil spills
  • Works smoothly on pipes, headers, engine blocks, etc.


  • Produces a burnt smell after a few rides

2. Rust-Oleum, Flat Black 248903


Our next pick is Rust-Oleum 248903. This highly durable paint is resistant to gas and oil spills. Meaning, it’s not going to fade away if it comes into contact with hot oil or gas.

This one is a perfect match for the parts of your vehicles that frequently heats up real high. Its smart resistance to almost 2000°F makes it an ideal choice for heavy-duty vehicles.

Furthermore, it creates a thick layer over the areas it is sprayed and prevents the formation of rust. Coupled with the active prevention of grease, gas, and oil concentration, this coating ensures the exhaust keeps a fresh and clean look all the time.

One of the most useful features of it is that you can spray it from different angles, yet get the same result. You can shoot the paint even upside down, and still get the best of the coatings.

Once sprayed, it covers over a space of 10 feet. It makes your job really easy and smooth. Plus, it dries up within just half an hour.



  • Gas, oil, and grease resistant
  • Dries up within 30 minutes
  •  Can be sprayed from different angles
  •  Spraying zone covers 10 feet at a time


  • Doesn’t give the exact feeling of a real black color

3. VHT SP102 Flat Black Paint


What if the part you just layered catches fire? Ever thought of it? If you have, then you should definitely have heard of VHT SP102!

This flameproof coating can keep the painted parts safe, even if it catches a bit of fire.
Interestingly, this flameproof covering extends the lifespan of the layered parts. Add the matte finish ceramic silicone base with it, you get a highly resistant and durable finish for a long time ahead.

Ideally used in vehicle exhaust pipes and other high-heating areas, the paint can withstand a temperature of 2000°F. Although an exhaust is very unlikely to reach such a level in heat, you can stay prepared, just in case.

To make the best out of this premium plating, you can use it with primer color paint and clear-coat process. This brings in an exceptional and durable result for the long-term security of your heating parts.


  •  Flameproof and withstands extreme heat
  •  Resistance up to 2000°F of heat
  •  Extends the lifetime of the heating surface
  •  Brings in the best result when used with primer paint and clear coat


  • Doesn’t provide a glossy finish

4. Rust-Oleum 249340 Paint

Number four on our list, we have another winner from the Rust-Oleum. The 249320 is the best header spray paint that’s ideally designed for engines of vehicles, pipes, engine blocks, and mufflers.

So, if you are planning on plating any of these, you better look out for this one. This oil-based coating provides excellent support in preventing rust formation over the sprayed area.

Whether it is a truck, a car, or any other vehicle you use, its advanced formula to resist rust and abrasion should prove to be the best for you.

While being spewed, this one can cover an area of 12 feet at a time. It allows you to take less time to paint a wider area. Moreover, it dries up quickly within half an hour.

It takes just an hour to finish the top-coating and get ready to roll. After you have successfully applied the covering, the paint can resist temperatures up to 2000°F.


  •  Specially formulated to prevent rust-formation
  • Withstands temperature of 2000°F
  •  Spray area covers around 12 square/feet
  •  An ideal choice for header pipes and engine blocks


  • Needs more than 600°F to cure

5. POR-15 Heat Resistant Paint

Our final choice for this top 5 list of header paint is the POR-15. If you are looking for a plating that doesn’t fade away quickly, this is the one you need to pick.

It comes in three different color variants – flat black, gray, and aluminum. So, you can choose the ideal color accordingly.

If you are not into spraying at all, you can get the liquid paint, as well. It comes with both the options of liquid and spray bottles.

This perfect coating leaves a durable cover over the area applied. The layering is amazingly durable and doesn’t prone to crack, chip, or peel off anyway.

Thanks to its advanced, durable formula, this paint performs equally in all weather conditions. It can withstand a temperature up to 1200°F pretty easily.


  • Doesn’t burn off or get discolored easily
  •  Available in both spray and liquid format
  • Resistant to cracking, peeling, and chipping
  • Withstands extreme heat up to 1200°F


  • Produces a strong smell after application

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Can a header Paint be used on anything other than headers?
Yes, it can be used on a variety of items. But you better keep it in mind that ideally, it is formulated to be used on metal items.
2. How do you remove the paint, though?
To remove the coating, you need an aircraft-grade stripper. Just spray it on the header and wait for it to soak it.
3. Does header paint provide UV protection?
It is highly unlikely that it will provide protection from ultraviolet rays.
4. Which one is better – liquid or spray paint?
It depends on the application and comfort of your own. Usually, spraying can give you an advantage while coating hard-to-reach places. However, the liquid one may give you a bit of control over the whole painting.
5. Does the paint crack in salty water?
What we have seen, it depends on the producers. There are some coatings we have seen that are resistant to saltwater, while others are not.

Final Words
If you are not a pro in layering or plating, it may seem to be a tough nut to crack when you are up for coating your exhaust and header pipes.

But with the best header paint in hand, things are going to be easier. If you are up for a top-quality product for your shading task, our reviews for the finest ones should suffice. Lest you need help while deciding which one to finally go for, keep our buying guides handy!

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