Best Fire Extinguisher for Home Reviews & Guide in 2020

There is no match to compete with fire extinguishers in the battle against unwanted fires. At home often small kitchen fires or short circuits result in horrible engulfing fires because we don’t know how to fix them at the beginning. You may not be in the position to store and throw water on the fire. Throwing water will not always help you out also.

Moreover, you cannot ignore the mess and damage it will create on the area or appliance you are throwing water at. Thus to get a quicker, easier, safer option you need to choose a fire extinguisher. With the velocity and pressure at a time, it can put off the potentially huge fire within a few seconds or minutes.

In almost 80% of cases of fire incidents, this simple portable fire extinguisher can save you from great danger and damage. Various studies reflect that almost 60% of fires go unnoticed. That means they are not severe fire and can be managed easily if you have the right equipment at hand. Even in case of a severe fire, you can try to hold it to some point until the real firefighters come. Fire extinguishers are also very important for the environment.

By putting off a potential huge fire in a few seconds you can save the air from those harmful burning gases and chemicals. There are various categories of fire extinguishers for different sources of fire. But you need to know what type of extinguisher is best for what type of fire. The quality and maintenance are also very important to keep it working for years.

Here you can get a list of best fire extinguisher for home and also a buying guide so that you can choose the perfect one according to your need. Keep scrolling here for the necessary information and suggestion before buying a fire extinguisher for home.

1. Kidde 466112 ABC Pro Multi-Purpose Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher

This ABC type best fire extinguisher for a home fire extinguisher is suitable for all sorts of household fires. You can use it on wood, paper, or trash (class A), inflammable gases or liquids (class B), and energized electrical equipment (Class C), all sorts of fire conditions. There is a bright, clear graphic representation of the step by step method of how to use this fire extinguisher.

So even an illiterate or first time user can also comprehend and use it in a time of emergency. There is an easy to read gauge that tells you when the extinguisher is charged and ready to use. The body of the cylinder is made up of extremely lightweight aluminum. It is contained with a 5.5 lb extinguisher agent. The total weight of this fire extinguisher is only 8.12 pounds. So anyone can easily lift it and use it.

It is UL rated 3-A: 40-B: c. So, you can undoubtedly bring this fire extinguisher in your home. In case of any fire may it be in your kitchen, or garage, or study room, you can immediately seek help from it. You will just need to put it in a place where you can easily get it. Also, place it in a dry and cold area. Put it away from the kitchen oven as heat may cause the cylinder to burst.

Though it is easy to use and there are instructions on the body yet it is important to teach every member of your family how to use it in an emergency. Thus, you and your family will be completely prepared to combat the battle against any accidental fire. But in case of any emergency where you feel it is out of your control then immediately seek help from the nearest local fire station.

Key features

  • Suitable for all kinds of fire; wood, trash, liquids, paper, or electrical equipment.
  • Rechargeable, so you can use it again and again after refill.
  • Tough body, metal valves, levers, and handles are impact resistant.
  • The cylinder is powder-coated to make it corrosion-free.
  • The pressure gauge provides you an easy to read at-a-glance status.
  • Easy to pull safety pin makes it user friendly.
  • Takes a discharge time of only 13 to 15 seconds.

2. Amerex 240, 2.5 Gallon Water Class A Fire Extinguisher (2 PACK)

Amerex is a well-known American manufacturer of firefighting products. It has a huge market and produces over 2.5 million commercial and industrial fire extinguishers per year. This company has achieved excellence in manufacturing hand portable, wheeled, industrial, commercial, as well as home-based fire extinguishers.

They believe that every modern household should have fire safety measures. With the help of the Amerex 240 model, you can get the benefit of cooling, penetrating, and soaking effect of a 45 to 55 ft stream of water. So you can stay in a safe position and try to put off the fire from a distance. The chances of burning and catching fire on clothes will be less in this case. It is a water fire extinguisher with a 2A rating and 2.5 gal capacity. It is forceful and can immediately remove the fire from the place you are pointing this. This extinguisher is made for class-A type fires.

So to combat fires that occurred due to the burning of wood, paper, trash, or other solid non-metal objects, you can definitely use this fire extinguisher. Its discharge time is 55 seconds which is fairly decent. So this fire extinguisher will be ready to put off the fire within a minute.

The height of this fire extinguisher model is 24-1/2 inch and the diameter is 7 inches. When you put it on it will release the water with 100 psi operating pressure. This is sufficient enough to subdue and extinguish class-A type fires easily and effortlessly. You can place it in any safe cool and dry place or hang it on the wall. The stainless steel body of the cylinder and valve will not corrode due to rusting. It will not get damaged easily by accidental falls because of the hard stainless steel body it has.

Key features

  • Polished cylinder made up of stainless steel.
  • Stored pressure design.
  • The valves are made up of corrosion-free metal
  • Six-year warranty
  • While using it will not leave any powder residue
  • Barcoded and bilingual labels
  • You will get maximum visibility during discharge

3. Amerex Fire Extinguisher Foam AB 2.5

This is yet another powerful best fire extinguisher for home from the renowned fire fighting company Amerex. It is a USA based high-quality fire fighting product manufacturer. This can be your best fire extinguisher for home as it contains AB class, UL rating 3A: 20B foam to combat any household fire. Most of the household fires are caused by either Class-A materials like wood, paper, trash or Class-B materials like kerosene, petrol, diesel, gasoline, or any other flammable liquid. So if you have it at home then you can fight the general fires for sure.

This extinguisher has easy applications using a long hose and air aspirating nozzle. Its exceptional knockdown and penetrating ability will be especially helpful against the deep-seated Class-A fires. While on the other hand, its foamy blanket will prevent the reignition of flammable liquid spills.  And cleaning this foam is also very easy in comparison with the traditional dry chemical agents.

With 250 psi discharge pressure and 55 seconds of discharge time, it will easily put off the high spreading fire at once. Its range is 12 ft which is sufficient enough to handle the light accidental occurrence of fire. The cylinder is rechargeable.

The chrome-plated brass valve and the red-painted stainless steel cylinder together give you long-lasting corrosion-free service. You can easily operate the large diameter pull pin with gloves on.

You can refill it again and again and use it for years unless the outer body gets damaged. The cylinder is made up of high-quality stainless steel so it remains sturdy and strong for years. You will get a long hose along with the cylinder to discharge the fire extinguishing substance. The weight of this item is 10 pounds so you need to have some strength to lift and handle it in front of the fire.

Key features

  • AB-type classified foam based fire extinguisher
  • It has 2.5 gals of capacity
  • It provides 250 psi operating pressure
  • The fire extinguisher bracket type is a wall mount
  • It can cover 12 ft distance easily
  • It is a UL listed standard fire extinguisher
  • The discharge time is only 55 seconds

4. First Alert Fire Extinguisher

This portable fire extinguisher is super fast in its action. This aerosol spray is 4 times quicker and long-lasting than a traditional fire extinguisher. Fire can double up every 30 seconds. In that crucial time of danger, every second is valuable. This difference of few seconds can actually save one’s life. But with this best fire extinguisher for the home, you can subdue the potential fire in the very beginning.

This portable fire extinguisher can be your first line of defense in lessening property damage and saving lives. It is very essential to have access to an appropriate fire extinguisher in the time of emergency at your home as well as car, boat, garage, or other important areas.

The overall design is very simple and friendly to use. The surface area it covers is also bigger than other normal fire extinguishers. To make it work you just need to point it at the fire and spray it. The cleanup job is also very easy here. The biodegradable, non-toxic foam that it sprays will be easily wiped away by a damp cloth. Anyone can easily use it.

One of the common reasons for home fires is unattended cooking. The small size of this fire extinguisher makes it ideal for kitchen use. You can easily and immediately spray it, unlike a traditional fire extinguisher. The item length and width are 2.6 inches and 2.6 inches. The height of the cylinder is 9.6 inch and the weight is only 1.6 lbs.

You don’t need to learn its function or to have muscles to lift it and use it appropriately. The package will contain two pieces of First Alert fire extinguisher spray. You will get a 3 years warranty on the product so you can buy it to make every corner of your home safe and protected.

Key features

  • This mini portable fire extinguisher spray is UL qualified of UL 711, Ul 711A, and KOFEIC 0108 by the Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL).
  • This mini spray is four times greater than 2-B: C or 5-B: C kitchen fire extinguisher. Where normal fire extinguishers will take at least 50 seconds to discharge, here this portable spray extinguisher will take only 32 seconds.
  • The First Alert fire extinguishing spray actuator is 48 in sq which means it will cover a greater surface area at a time.
  • You can safely store it between 32 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It is suitable for small household fires including those involving wood, paper, fabric, cooking oil, electrical equipment, and appliances, etc.
  • The item’s weight is only 2 pounds. You can easily shift it from one place to another.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. So you can take it for a garden side barbeque party or place it in your kitchen to avoid any accident.

5. FIAFESA5 Fire Extinguisher

Besides household fire accidents there are over 400,000 car fire accidents reported each year. We can easily say that a car is more prone to catch fire than our house. To handle such a condition when you are stuck in a car and it catches fire this auto fire extinguisher will come immediately to your rescue. It is small in shape and weight (11× 7× 2 inches dimension and 2.2 pounds weight).

So you can easily put it inside your car in the glove compartment or under the seats. You will also get a mounting bracket along with this product to make this job easier. It is UL rated 5-B: C. May it be the fire caused by the fuel of your car, or it is the electrical appliance inside, this B and C class fire extinguisher will expertly handle all these. The 5-year warranty assures you of a long term hassle-free usage.

It is made up of a strong durable metal head to protect the valve from damage. The metal pull pin has a safety seal to avoid accidental discharge and tampering.  The metal body of the cylinder is coated with bright red corrosion-resistant paint. The gauge and instructions are easy to read.

The biodegradable contents in it are non-toxic and thus harmless for the seats and glasses of your car. You can easily wipe out the residue with a help of a damp cloth. It is for one-time use only, you cannot refill it. Though you will get a mounting bracket to safely place this fire extinguisher anywhere you want but you will not get its bolts in the package. So you need to buy it from elsewhere.  Also, it will not work for fire caused by paper, wood, or trash. So make sure you are using the right sort of fire extinguisher for the right type of fire.

Key features

  • The large pressure gauge makes you aware of the capacity of this fire extinguisher easily.
  • There is a mounting bracket so that you can place it within your easy reach.
  • It is effective for both flammable liquid fires and lives electrical appliances fire.
  • You will get an exclusive 5-year warranty
  • You can easily place it on your vehicle without the worry of its damage as it has great stability with its mounting bracket (bolts are not included).
  • Weighs only 2.2 pounds that makes it compact and user friendly
  • This auto fire extinguisher from First Alert is effective on oil, grease as well and has simple, easy to read the instruction on its body.

How to Choose Best Fire Extinguisher for Home in 2021

Types of Fire and extinguisher ratings

Before buying a fire extinguisher, you need to understand that different types of fire ratings decide the quality of the fire extinguisher. Different types of chemical fire extinguishers are stuffed with different fire suppressants.

So if you choose a type of extinguisher with the wrong contents inside, it can even make the situation worse by increasing the fire (like throwing a water-based fire extinguisher on a grease fire). There are typically three types of household fires. It depends on the type of fuel that is burning. Following this classification, there are 4 most common types of fire extinguishers A, B, C, and K.

  • Class A: This type of fire extinguishers is for solid combustible non-metal materials such as paper, wood, cloth, rubber, and plastic.
  • Class B: This type of extinguishers is ideal for flammable liquids oil, grease, gasoline, and paints.
  • Class C: you can combat fire from electrical equipment like electrical appliances or outlets with the help of this type of extinguishers.
  • Class K: To extinguish the fire from animal fats, vegetable fats, cooking oil, and grease you need to choose this type of fire extinguishers.

So you will have to buy a fire extinguisher that can combat A, B, and C types fire efficiently. The ABC type fire extinguisher will sufficiently handle all household fire problems. But for safety, you can take a K-rated fire extinguisher on your home and place it near your kitchen or garage.


After one time use, you will have to refill or buy your fire extinguisher. But buying a new one is much more expensive than just to refill it. So before buying it you need to make sure that the refill option is available on that product. The refill station needs to be close to your house. Many fire stations often offer this service. So you can talk to your local fire station.


The weight of the fire extinguisher is also a deciding factor. While in danger you will need a lightweight model that you can lift and control easily to subdue the fire. Some aerosol options may weigh some more ounces, while even some full-size products can weigh only 20 pounds. So choose the weight you can comfortably lift in a hurry.


These are the 5 best fire extinguishers for the home. We have tried to give you suggestions for all sorts of fire extinguishers. If you are buying it for the use of your home only then try to buy the ABC class extinguisher as it will cover most of the household fires. And if you are buying it typically for your car then you need to focus on type B and C class fire extinguishers as fuel or electronic oriented fires are more common in cars. Choose your type of fire extinguisher wisely and place it within your reach.

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