Best coffee table under $ 500

If you have recently shifted to a new house, it is the perfect time to redecorate the interior accordingly. Among different types of furniture, a coffee table is a must addition to your living room. A coffee table can also be used as a side table or base of the exhibitions. There is a huge difference in the cost of these elegant tables depending on the size, shape, quality, and style of the goods. Here, we have the best coffee table under $ 500.

A coffee table may vary in style and shape. Some customers prefer traditional-style wooden tables, where some like retro-style center tables. This piece of the table brings all the family members together in the evening. Simply designed tables are available in an affordable design. But handcrafted tables are a bit costly. The lift-top coffee table is comparatively complex to assemble in a short period. But the user manual makes it easy to assemble it within 30 minutes. This saves both enthusiasm, time, and effort of the user.

In difficult cases, choosing the right coffee table is a bit tricky. But with proper guidance and knowledge, it becomes very easy. You should always try to balance the function, efficiency, and cost of the coffee table. After completing a throughout research on the coffee table we will introduce five eye-catching coffee table models to you. They have bold designs, storage-saving shelves, and floor protective footpads to prevent scratches. Let’s get to the detailed explanation of each of the coffee tables.

Best coffee table review-2021

SIMPLIHOME Warm Shaker SOLID WOOD 48- inch Wide Rectangle Rustic Coffee Table

SIMPLIHOME coffee table is a multi-purpose table. It is the best coffee table in our list according to the editor’s choice. Measuring about 24” depth x 48” width X 18” height, this coffee table is a perfect choice for a small house, and office, and kids playroom. Pinewood has been used to give shape to the table. And for the final touch, it is burnished with a tobacco brown stain. This dark wood coffee table is also furnished with a protective layer of NC lacquer. The whole peach is handcrafted with a unique design. So, you can enjoy the touch of the artist and feel the artistry in it.

When have you last seen any traditional style furniture in the house? The last time I saw a traditional side table was in my grandpa’s house. Nowadays people chose retro style over traditional and mid-century style. We have already introduced it as a multi-purpose table. This is because you can use it as a side table or a cocktail table. Place it in the center of the condo or guest room. And see how people are amazed at the elegant style of the table.

Large piles of copies, books, and magazines can be store on the second shelf of the table. Beneath it, there are two more spacious drawers. Use this drawer to put your house keys, laptops, car keys, iPad, etc. there are antique brass knobs in front of the drawer. It is easy to pull and creates a harmonious outlook of the item. Its rustic brown look will surely remind you of your country home in the outskirt. The small tapered leg is perfectly sized to bear extra weights of the goods.

The Urban Port Diamond Shape Acacia Wood Coffee Table

This wooden coffee table from the Urban Port is a piece of wood that is cut into the shape of a diamond. Its bottom is flat. So it can stand stably on the floor. The best coffee table, that is, the acacia wood is used to make this table. It enhances the durability and bumps resistance of the table. The brand always focus on using the best wood for coffee table. After shaping the wood, it was given a dark brown finishing. It will complement both your industrial and vintage style furniture in the room.

At the first glace, you will see a diamond shape body. The top of the table to make it smooth to do some regular chores. Overall, it is about 34-inches in diameter and 14.5-inches in height. It might not be suitable for your office, but an ideal piece for a living room and treehouse. You can arrange some chairs around the table to let your guest seat on them. Otherwise, cushions will do the task. As the flat base is in close association with the floor, it is difficult to clean underneath it. You have to remove the whole table to clean that area of the floor.

For being a completely different model, it costs more than the other table. But it is worth it for the artistic craftsmanship of the table. No assembly is required after shipping. So you can directly use it after opening the package. To clean the tops of the counter table, it is a smart idea to use a dry white cloth. The piece does not require much maintenance. Thus you can use it for the long run without any special effort.

Inspire Q Myra Industrial and Rustic 47-inch coffee table

To uplift the visual of your living room, we have a unique coffee table from Inspire Q. It looks like a rectangular board with wheels. Every detail of the table is made of pinewood. There are two wheels at the corners of the table and one small wheel in front. Wood was crafted in the shape of the wheel for this coffee table. Apart from pinewood black sand is also used as one of the construction materials for the table. Its smooth tabletop can be used for serving foods, doing assignments, and other decorative works.

For having wooden wheels at the base of the table, it is easy to transport the table from one place to another. But if the wheel is not screwed properly, it wobbles a lot. You can simply turn the back wheels perpendicular to the front wheel. So, your table will stay calm in its position until an external force is applied. It has extra storage space for magazines, books, and other pieces of stuff. A small assemble work must be done before you place it in your living room or office.

Though a coffee table has functional values, its aesthetic values cannot be overlooked. The classic grey color draws guests’ attention easily. With a perfect measurement of 16.5-inches high and 47-inches wide, this table can accommodate five chairs easily around it. For house parties and other family programs, it is spacious enough to hold food for 7-8 people. The screws and other accessories required to set the table come with the package. So, you do not need to rush to any store. So, it is a smart choice for people who loves to conduct experiments with the look of the house.

Anya & Niki StyleCraft Badang Carving Natural Wood Edge Teak Contemporary Coffee Cocktail table

This Anya and Niki cocktail table is a burning example of the contemporary wood coffee table. You might be hesitant to purchase the table at first view. But this style goes well with the marine and natural vibe of the house. It is surely unique from other coffee table models in the market. The teak wood is cut in a unique shape to make the tabletop. And for supporting the top, there are three metallic hairpin-like legs. These legs might look slender and fragile but they can bear an additional weight of 72 lbs.

Unlike other coffee tables, the matte finishing is not shinny. This is most appreciated as it matches so close to nature. There are some fun holes in the table. So the piece of wood seemed like raw wood just got from the tree. The legs are easy to drill in. All the screws you require to put into a single shape are provided with the package.  These screws are smaller in size and easy to get lost. So, it is best if you have some spare one with you at home.

Some simple tools like a screwdriver are needed to assemble the table. As the total tabletop is irregular in shape, the holes were pre-drilled for the convenience of the users. But there are still some options for the development of packaging of the products. A few customers complained that the seal was broken when they received the package. The table is about 40-inches long. So, you can enjoy a small party with some snacks, cold drinks and other mouthwatering foods.

Artesia Square Wooden Coffee Table

Artesia is a renowned brand in the industry of coffee table. This excellent modern wood coffee table can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Acacia wood is used for the tabletop of the coffee table. And for the supportive purpose, legs are made of iron. The iron used here is of the same quality used in different structural components. So, it is sturdy enough to bear extra weight and does not rust easily when exposed to moisture and humidity in the air.

The square table measures about 32″ in length, 32″ in breadth, and 18″ in height. You can decorate the tabletop with any vase, photo frame, and showpiece. But keep in consideration that their combined weight should not exceed 8-lbs. There is a storage shelf just under the main tabletop. The complete package of the coffee table features a sturdy counter table, an easy-to-understand manual, and accessories to set the table. Some spare screws are also added to the package. This saves you the hassle to search for the screw from store to store.

Those who are short on cash can check out this model of the coffee table. It will ensure 100% utility of each of your pennies. Apart from it, its brown finishing gives the outlook of wooden furniture from the countryside. The second self has a smart height. So, robots toys, small boxes, quilts can be stored there easily. The corners of the table are not so sharp. This protects the users from many bruises and injuries. Cleaning the tabletop does not require any special agent. Simple clean the top with a wet towel. Do not put anything on it until it dries. Once it dries, you can again arrange accessories on it.

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