Best Clays for Sculpting

Are you one of those few people who love admiring creative artwork? If yes then why not try your hands at sculpting? You just might discover some hidden talents in there. Sculpting is not only an interesting and creative hobby but also it’s extremely therapeutic. And that’s not all anyone can take up sculpting as a hobby whether you are an adult or a youngster. So don’t wait to get your hands dirty and let your creative juices flow.

Now that we have got your attention let’s talk about the best clay for sculpting in the market. There are four types of clay available in the market. But if you are wondering which is best suited for you to create your masterpiece then you have to consider the following things. What are the pieces of equipment that you have at your disposal? Do you have easy access to a kiln? Does it matter if it gets messy? Do you have a place (studio) big enough to make this mess?

Sculpting Types of Clay

Let’s jump into the four options you have when it comes to choosing the clay perfect for you:

  1. Polymer Clays

 A great option for home sculpting projects and is a great alternative to ceramic clay.

  1. Cold Porcelain

This is a perfect choice if you are looking to make some intricate sculptures.

  1. Ceramic Clay

This clay is easy to work with and is great for giving the approximate shape to your masterpiece.

  1. Plasteline Clay

A perfect choice if you don’t get time regularly to work on your sculptures. This is the go-to choice for comic artists and the special effects department of movies.

Every material has certain advantages and disadvantages to it so there’s no right or wrong clay for sculpting. You have to keep experimenting to find the clay perfect for your needs.

Sago Brothers Air Dry Clay

Sago Brothers, a handcrafted toy brand aims to not only inspire kids to be more creative but also in the process help their psychological development. Even 3-year-olds can get creative and start playing with this dough. Sago Brothers air dry clay is considered one of the best clay for sculpting and is, therefore, a favorite among parents, teachers, and children especially in more than 10 countries of Europe and North America. Every year Sago brothers sell more than 1 million pounds of air-dry clay throughout the world.

Sago Brothers’ air dry clay is extremely smooth and soft. It is softer than most clays available in the market and therefore playing with it becomes extremely easy for kids. And that’s not all one more reason it’s a favorite of kids is that it’s easy to shape and can be painted after drying. This will help save your kid’s masterpieces forever. This clay is also hassle-free and doesn’t create much of a mess by sticking on surfaces or hands. Also, you don’t have to worry about crumbs thus making cleaning easy and quick.

Another advantage of Sago Brothers air dry clay is that it doesn’t lose shape or crack after it gets dried up and it’s wheat-free. Sago Brothers clay is also 100% safe for your kids as it is allergen friendly and odorless.

Features and details

  1. Develops your kids’ creativity

Sago Brothers clay not only helps kids develop their senses and confidence but also enhances their logical thinking ability. Being engrossed in such creative projects also helps kids from spending too much time on electronic devices.

  1. Tutorial Book

There is a 72-page tutorial book that has tutorials for kids and adults. These include 50+ kinds of popular foods, shapes, animals that will help you with learning coloring, recognizing colors, mixing, and matching colors to create the desired effect. The tutorials are especially beneficial for kids as they learn to imitate them first and eventually create their masterpieces.

  1. Best Gifting Option

The Sago Brothers clay is the best gifting option for birthdays and Christmas gifts. Both kids and adults will be excited to receive this as a gift and try their hands out on sculpting.

  1. 100% Safe

The Sago Brothers clay is non-toxic and therefore kid-friendly. ASTM F963, CPISA & EN71 certified. And that’s not all it is also peanut, tree nut, and wheat-free.  

  1. Product Information

In the packaging, you receive 24 colors of air-dry clay, 24 x extra sealed bags, 3 x clay tools, 1 x 72 pages tutorial book, 1 x giftable package.

Wizoplay Polyclay Air Dry Clay Kit

This foamy marshmallow textured clay kit is perfect for your kids’ little hands. Extremely light and easy to mold sets perfectly in 24-48 hours the Wizoplay air dry clay is also fuss-free and the best option for tidy parents. With no strong smell and mess or color residues let your kids go crazy and be the amazing little artists that they are.

Features & Details

  1. Kids enjoy

Kids are absolutely thrilled to play with the bright 36 colors, googly eyes, cute noses, hangers, suction cups, keychains, silicone molds. With the sculpting tools and instructions, it’s no surprise that kids love spending time sculpting and playing with the Wizoplay Polyclay set and it is for this reason that it is considered as one of the best clay for sculpting. And that’s not all its lightweight so is ideal even for toddlers to play with. It air dries into a “gummy bear” like texture which is perfect because it won’t break.

  1. Great for parents

Each clay colors have their individual storage unit. Therefore it becomes easier to store them up tidily for another day. Additionally, the latched craft box is a great help as it fits the accessories and the tubs of soft clay easily. Being non-sticky and mess-free it’s the best clay for sculpting for your kids if you are a busy parent.

  1. Easy to use

The Wizoplay Polyclay is gluten and wheat free, does not contain any Phthalates, and also BPA free. It is safe for kids (not to be eaten or licked) and is waterproof if not fully immersed in water. The clay kits are suitable for ages 3+ (3 to 6 years with supervision) and also adults.

  1. Making learning fun

Arts and crafts help developing not only hand-eye co-ordination but also problem learning and solving skills. Wizoplay makes learning fun so it’s definitely a great gifting option too.

Szsrcywd 36 pcs Colorful Kids Modeling Clay Air Dry

This Magic Air Dry Clay helps improving children’s practical ability, creative ability, thinking ability, observation, and logical capability. This light clay has very strong tensile strength yet being soft. The Szsrcywd Colorful Kids Modeling Clay dries completely in 24 hours. And to top it all the material is eco-friendly and non-toxic. Therefore being harmless to both the environment and kids.

Children of 3 years and above can use this clay under parental supervision. Washing the hands thoroughly after playing is absolutely necessary. Also, parents should keep this clay out of reach of young children when not in use.

Features & Details

  1. User friendly

The Szsrcywd kids modeling clay is easy to bend and stretch, therefore giving it the desired shape becomes very easy for kids. The kit also has 36 beautifully vibrant colors that are easy to mix and create your own custom color thus allowing you to have innumerable possibilities.

  1. Safe to use

The Szsrcywd clay for kids is certified by ROHS/SGS as a harmless and non-toxic product, Hence it is safe for kids to use.

  1. Other features

Make sure to keep the clay in an airtight container or else it might dry up and would be impossible to use further.

The clay needs to be air dried completely for 24 hours and cannot be baked.

  1. Packaging includes

36 colors air dry clay, and the total weight is 14.35 oz/ 410g.


Haawooky 24 Colors Air Dry Clay

The Haawooky 24 Colors Air Dry Clay is high in quality and comes in 24 amazing colors suitable for kids of 3 and above. A great gifting option for Christmas or birthdays.

Features& Details

  1. Excellent quality

With top-notch quality and vibrant colors, non-sticky, exquisitely smooth feel, ultra resilient and light and easy to handle for kids and newbies the Haawooky Air Dry Clay is a cult favorite of many people. Even after drying the Haawooky Air Dry Clay remains extremely lightweight. The clay becomes fully hardened in about 24 hours.

  1. Easy no fuss way

The Haawooky Air Dry Clay doesn’t need to be baked in the oven. It just takes 24 hours to completely air dry. Make sure you keep the rest of the clay in a sealed container to prevent it from drying up.

  1. Create your masterpiece

The Haawooky Air Dry Clay takes 24 hours to air dry after which it can be easily drilled, sanded, or carved and you can finish your masterpiece up with super modeling clay mania.

  1. Safe for kids

The Haawooky Air Dry Clay is perfect for kids of 3 years and older under parental supervision. Surprise your kid today by gifting this and watch them unleash their inner artist.

  1. Packaging includes

Set of 24 colors (each color about 4.5 oz, total about 11 oz) accompanied by modeling tools.


Sargent Art Plastilina Modeling Clay

This non-hardening clay is not only fun but also extremely easy to use making it one of the best clay for sculpting currently in the market. The Sargent Art Plastilina Modeling Clay is the perfect choice for your kids’ tiny hands to play with because of how pliable it is.

Features & Details

  1. Easy to work with

The Sargent Art Plastilina Modeling Clay is mineral based clay hence it’s very easy to use. This clay kit will help boost your little one’s creativity by enhancing their fine motor skills and that’s not all it will also help enhance hand-eye coordination. Your kids can easily use this for their science projects, flower arrangements and so much more.

  1. Non-toxic and safe

This eco-friendly clay is easy to clean up and completely safe for kids to use. This non-toxic clay conforms to ASTM D 4236.

  1. Perfect gifting idea

This clay is a stress-free way to create new exciting art projects. It will be a great gifting option too as it doesn’t dry out or hardens.


Air Dry Clay and its benefits


Air dry clay is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Because of its flexible and soft texture air dry clay is becoming more popular each year.

Most children in today’s world are becoming addicted to digital media which ultimately is affecting their behavior, sleeping, and eating patterns. Playing with clay will help develop their coordination and imaginative problem-solving skills.

Children who play with clay have the following significant intellectual capacity:

  • Learn to not only trust their instincts but recognize their interests, tastes, emotions, and feelings.
  • Make their own choices and decisions and take responsibility for them.
  • Understand and learn from their mistakes and concentrate on the solution than the problem.
  • Comfortable and bold in expressing their creativity.
  • Demonstrate autonomy in their actions and thoughts.
  • Develop their sense of independence and be aware of their increased proficiency.
  • Build their self esteem by acquiring a sense of control and power over their environment.
  • Helping others by being a resource for others.
  • Learn to relax and be calmer by working with clay.
  • Enables the flexible operation of the brain by increasing brain cell stimulation.

And that’s not all playing with clay involves sticking, pinching, pressing, engraving, rubbing, tearing, inserting. All of these actions involve using the muscles of the body thus helping kids not only enhance hand eye coordination but also develop their hand muscles.

Playing with clay involves matching and blending colors which allow kids to be more creative and innovative and requires bringing out their imaginative side.

Kids playing with clay need to have adult supervision, this ends up becoming a great bonding exercise between parents and kids. It also helps them build cooperation, increases communication skills, and makes it easier for them to express opinions.

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