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Ball joints are an integral part of every car’s front suspension system. The front suspension system of a car is a web of various joints, links, bearings, bushes, and arms. Ball joints connect the controls arms to the knuckles of the steering wheel. They help the front wheels move forward and move together. A typical ball joint comprises a metal casing and a stud. The stud can move around inside the casing. Bearing inside the casing can be of metal or plastic material. The casing is greased generously to allow for the smooth rotation of the bearing inside it and also to keep impurities at bay. A rubber boot is worn over it and works as a protective shield against dirt, water, etc. If that boot gets cracked debris may set in and start decaying the ball joint.

Over time ball joints start to deteriorate. Dust, dirt, and debris speed up their depreciation. Uneven and bumpy roads also contribute to their early and fast decay. Rust also plays its part. Even if none of these factors are at play, they eventually decay because they are not made to last forever. You might hear unfamiliar noises coming from the front wheels, loose steering, abnormal drifting to the sides, or excessive play as possible symptoms of ball joints that need replacement. 

That is when the need for a ball joint press arises. A ball joint press is a device that removes the ball joints from the control arms of the car. They come in handy if you decide to replace the ball joints on a DIY basis. So, in this write-up, we are going to review some of the best ball joint presses. So let’s get started;

1- Heavy Duty Ball Joint Press & U Joint Removal Tool Kit: 

The manufacturer of this tool kit, Orion Motor Tech prides itself in producing quality products made from very fine quality materials. Their products are top-notch in terms of design, durability, and performance. 

This particular tool kit is good for professionals as well as amateur learners. They have provided all the necessary cups, tubes, adapters, and kits that will help out in removing the ball joints without removing the control arms first. You will save time, money, and energy in the process. 

The tool kit is made of very tough-quality carbon steel with black oxide finishing. The material is strong enough to withstand accidental droppings and other such shocks. The oxidation helps prevent the onset of rust and corrosion. If you use them carefully and keep them properly stored they will last for a very long time. 

The tool kit is placed in a molded-casing that neatly tucks all the parts. This helps in their proper storage and easy identification. The kit is multi-purpose and besides ball joints, you can remove other hard-pressed automobile parts like a universal joint, brake anchor pins, etc. The kit is designed keeping in view the Japanese and European cars. You will see that it fits most of the 2WD and 4WD cars coming from these countries. 

Its price is very reasonable which is another great feature. Compared to the high quality the price is very economical. We now summarize some of its important features below;

Main features:

  • Made with very heavy-duty material so the quality is very sturdy. 
  • It comes with a manual and an illustrated guide on how to remove different parts.
  • It has all the important accessories and kits to get the job done.
  • The price is very affordable.
  • The molded red casing makes it portable and easy to store.

2- AURELIO TECH 10PCs Ball Joint Press Kit & U Joint Removal Tool: 

The second in our list of the best ball joint presses is this tool kit from Aurelio. This is another tool kit that is high on functionality and practicality and yet it is very affordable. It is made of carbon steel, which means you can rest assured about its strength and high quality. 

It will serve almost all the popular models of Japanese, Korean, American, and European origin. You can use it to remove many of the pressed parts that include universal joints, adjuster anchor pins, and of course ball joints. 

The kit includes all the necessary accessories to carry out the job. The company gives the facility of ordering any further accessory if the current set of accessories does not have what you want. The tools given are heavy that vouches for its professional look and quality. Some people prefer to work with a heavy set of tools so this tool kit will especially appeal to them. 

Despite its weight, it is a compact piece of equipment and you can carry it around with ease and store it anywhere you like. Its storage box is made of very good quality ABS plastic that ensures the parts contained therein remain safe from shocks.

We now highlight some of the main features of this product as below;

Main features:

  • The robust material and bulky weight make it perfect for heavy-duty professional jobs.
  • The tools provided in it are compatible with almost all the famous AWD and FWD motor vehicles.
  • Contains all the important tools like C-frame press, assorted sizes of receiver tubes, adapters for removing and installation purposes, etc. 
  • Compact in size and therefore easy to store
  • Not very pricey.

3- Astro Pneumatics’ 7865 Ball Joint Service Tool Kit: 

This service tool kit from Astro Pneumatic is probably their best offering to this segment. It is the most popular among customers. There are various reasons for that and we will highlight some of them for this short review here.

To begin with, it is made of forged steel which gives it, the extra strength and power it has. Forged steel is probably the most solid form of steel. It is no wonder that you can lock the service kit under a loaded 18-wheeler and it won’t budge under pressure. This speaks volumes about its extraordinary strength.

As the models we discussed above, this one too is capable of handling a variety of fit-press parts and not just ball joints. It has a near-universal application and you can use it on every vehicle type of any make or origin. The supplied sleeves and adapters will fit almost anything.

Another great thing about this tool kit is that it can work on rusty or corroded parts too. Such parts get stuck and it gets very hard to move or remove them. But thanks to the immense power of this tool kit such stubborn parts can get removed quite easily now. The tool kit has assembled all the important kits, receiver tubes, and other accessories to execute the job. Its C-frame wrench is probably the most rugged among its kind, thanks to the efforts and research of the makers.

Despite all these solid credentials, it does not weigh too much. Its total weight is just 0.16 ounces. All the parts can be neatly tucked away in a custom-made box that is easy to carry and store anywhere. 

 All these great features come in a very affordable price package. It is amazing how the company can market such an amazing product and such an affordable price. We now summarize some of its key features below;

Main features:

  • Made from forged steel that is strong, durable, and very powerful. 
  • It supports all the major vehicles and SUVs etc.
  • It has got all the necessary tools and accessories needed for removing press-fit parts.
  • It is very reasonably priced.
  • The storage box is easy to handle and carry.
  • It weighs very little so that renders it highly portable.

4- Heavy Duty Ball Joint Press & U Joint Removal Tool Kit: 

This is another quality product from Orion Motor Tech and we had to feature it in our list of the best ball joint presses. It goes to prove how great are the products from this company that we had to feature another one from them on our list. 

This service tool kit is made of carbon steel and then coated with a layer of black oxide. We all know about the legendary strength of carbon steel and its reliability. The black oxidation is like icing on the cake. It makes sure that the product remains rust-free and corrosion-free for almost its entire lifetime. 

You will find all the required tools, receiver tubes, adapter sleeves, etc. in it. You can carry out any type of ball joints removal using this tool kit. It will work on all the popular models of European, Japanese, and US origin. A unique thing about it is the design of the C-frame wrench. Unlike most models, it is not made like a C, instead, you will see it resembles a horseshoe design. This not only adds aesthetic appeal to the design but also enhances the practicality of the wrench itself.

You will find the storage box to be a perfect fit for all the accessories it houses. It has been specially designed and created to house all of them in one place. You can put this box in your truck as it does not take a lot of space. The compactness of the box is a great plus point of this kit. The all-black body of the box also adds to its appeal. It looks at once classy and stylish.

It can handle the removal of ball joints as well as the assembling or disassembling of u-joints. You can also use them on brake anchor pins and it will work just fine. It has all the important tools and items that can effectively carry out all these jobs. 

All these great features come at a very attractive price that is a true bargain for the money. You will fall in love once again with this amazing product after hearing about its price.

Main features:

  • The makers have provided easy to understand manuals to use the product.
  • You can take help from the illustrated guide in removing your required parts if you are a novice.
  • The plastic casing protects and keeps the items safe and handy.
  • The coating of black oxide has made it a rust-free product.

5- Astro Pneumatic Tool 7868 Master Ball Joint Adapter Set:

Another repeat performer on our list. We are pleased to add another offering from Astro Pneumatic. This is a power tool service kit that is bound to solve all your press-fit parts issues and problems. 

What is unique about this tool kit is the inclusion of specially designed sleeves that has a cut-out shape. This gives them an edge over others. Due to their unique design, they will reach many hard-to-reach places and quite easily and do their job.

They are all made of very good quality steel material that is both strong, flexible, and highly durable. It can give you service for a variety of models ranging from the very old to the very new. You can amaze at its reach and universal applicability. 

It comes in a blow-molded plastic packaging. It gives all the items a nice display. You can easily pick the one you want and then put it back. It gives a very neat and organized appearance. You can store these items easily using this box that is easy to handle. 

It works on both upper and lower ball joints and the box also carries a center forcing screw plug. This makes it an ideal tool kit for carrying out heavy-duty removal jobs done on a professional level. But it will work just fine in the hands of a newbie. It is not something reserved only for experts. 

Now lets us look at some of its key features below;

Main features:

  • A wide range of near-universal application.
  • Strong and durable.
  • The packaging has been done nicely to make storage quite easy.
  • The unique cut-out design of the sleeves is an added advantage.
  • User-friendly and easy to use.


So that concludes our list of the best ball joint presses. We hope you would found this to be informative and useful. We have not picked any one particular favorite. These are all great models and have their distinct advantages. You can pick any one of the above, based on your own needs and you will not regret using them. Take caution while using them. Sometimes an error of judgment can cause dearly. So, enjoy your job using these great products.

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